This energetic, comic troupe brings classic commedia dell arte to the masses by performing traditional story lines as well as send offs to timeless pieces such as Hamlet, Electra, Macbeth, Dr. Faustus, Don Juan, Cinderella and more.

The troupe showcases the stock characters of Dottore, Pantelone, Isabella, La Signora, Capitano, and several Zanni clown characters.

In addition to these professional stage shows of the Italian comedy form, the troupe can regale the crowds of your event with command performances of two minute summaries of any play, film, television series, or any other request an audience member may have. We love a challenge!

The show is directed and orchestrated by troupe master, Scott Kegler, who has studied under Augusto Cabrera , Swedish Commedia artist/Clown Master as well as Larry Hunt, International Mask Performance Artist.

Character profiles coming soon....